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Comprehensive Solutions To All Your Creative Needs

Old Books

From ebook and memoir writing to ghostwriting fiction to query and submission assistance, to mentorships, education, and consults, our bestselling, internationally published team can help you with whatever you need. Check out the details of what we offer, or contact us to work up a custom package.

Film Reel

Our award-winning film team is widely experienced and accomplished, and ready to bring your script or idea to life. We offer training videos, scripts, screenplay revision, submission help, and everything from informational videos to feature-length creative work, treatments, and series pitch decks. We'd love to help with the nearly unlimited possibilities in this space.

Painting Equipments

From concept art to the finished product, our team is ready to bring your vision to the page. We can provide artistic branding or work full storyboards and graphic novel design. In nearly any medium, you can trust that your project will be vibrant, memorable, and in talented artistic hands.


At Whitrock Creative Services, we understand that often, the most difficult part of running a business is not presenting an incredible project; it's getting that project to people. Our marketers are storytellers from beginning to end, and we will be sure that whether you need a social media campaign or an e-mail funnel, a slogan or a series of product descriptions, you will have a final product that will have customers coming to you, with knowledge of your name.

Business Discussion

We know that our corporate clients often come with a very specific needs. For marketing concerns and e-mail communication, feel free to check out our marketing division. But corporate concerns involve more than just pushing products. Our creators in the business world are highly skilled in creating policy manuals, on boarding procedures, even training videos and detailed dives on policy. We'd love to help you with anything in your corporate portfolio.

Online Education

Our professionals are thrilled to be able to provide you with live consults and education sessions. Book a publishing consult or pitch practice session or even a full literary mentoring package. We also offer tutoring (both adult and teen/kid) in art, academia, writing, and testing.


So I will keep this 100%. I found a diamond in Brianna. Not only did we click on a personal level, she added significant value to my book and took on my needs without hesitation and delivered on time. I highly recommend and will continue to bother her on my next book. I worked in corporate America 20 years for a fortune 500 company owned by Warren Buffet. Brand is everything so I am very picky and things need to be done right. You will not have to worry about that with Brianna. She not only added value but pushed me to dig deeper where it mattered. Highly recommend.


Aside from being a very skillful and talented writer, Brianna is a wonderful person to communicate with during the process. It's always a pleasure to work with someone so professional and dedicated to the job.


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