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Literary Submissions

Sarah has been writing since the wee age of 13, (her mathematical sources tell her that this sums up to about 18 years) and has been reading for even longer. She even made the mistake of pursuing journalism in college, where she headed up the journalistic magazine at the school.

She is a ‘third-culture kid’: an American who grew up overseas--specifically in the city Dubai of the United Arab Emirates. So she has had the opportunity to travel to multiple countries. After graduating, she moved to Colorado, where she endured that curse called snow for an entire decade before deciding that was stupid. Now that she knows what it’s like to experience joy, she spends time drawing, getting into arguments online about incorrect shark facts, and killing things in a virtual setting.

After completing an internship at Whitrock Creative, where she trained under Brianna, we are now happy to introduce Sarah as our resident expert on all things literary submission-related. She brings her razor-sharp eye and industry knowledge to every query and synopsis that comes our way, and we are so excited to have her on board as a full, expert member of the team.

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