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Chief Consulting Officer

Rae is a queer Argentinean-American sci-fi/fantasy author and graphic novelist represented by Jennifer Azantian of Azantian Literary. She has also worked as a professional freelance editor since June 2014 and an agency assistant at Donald Maass Literary Agency since May 2016, one of the most prestigious literary agencies in the world. Throughout her career, she has been fortunate enough to speak at conferences and schools about both the agenting and writing sides of the publishing business. In addition, she is a proud recipient of the We Need Diverse Books Internship Grant.

When she is not writing, editing, or reading queries, you can find her spinning publishing craft threads on Twitter, crunching men’s volleyball stats, screeching at youtube vids, breaking down story structure in games and movies, gushing over her new fictional paramour in whatever video game she is headfirst in, and (most often) chasing Inej and Kell, her too-appropriately named editor cats, off her keyboard.

Rae brings her wealth of insight and knowledge, and experience both mentoring writers and tutoring students, to Whitrock Creative, where she leads all our live consulting operations, including publishing and writing mentorships. Her publishing guidance has helped get writers to six-figure deals and spots with major publishers, and she is comfortable guiding folks through the self or traditional publishing hellscape with personalized care and a meticulous sense of guidance and accuracy, and knowledge of what works.

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