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Melissa Ludeman is a ghostwriter of the romance, erotica, and YA persuasion from Fort Collins, Colorado. She studied English at Colorado Mesa University, and went on to pursue her true passion: literature.

She has ghostwritten numerous books for Amazon and USA Today best sellers. Any and all romance is her passion, though she also holds expertise and proven experience in technical writing, including but not limited to non-fic, resumes, and outline/synopsis.

When she's not writing stories for others, Melissa works on her own books, rocks out to Emo music with her three kids, and goes brewery hopping with her husband-slash-bestie, Sean. She consumes an unhealthy amount of iced coffee and likes cats more than dogs. 

Melissa is an invaluable member of the Whitrock Creative team, primarily working in the fiction ghostwriting space, where she specializes in romance, erotica, women's fiction, and all things YA. Her work is voicey  and adaptable; Melissa is a true chameleon and professional dedicated to making her clients' work shine. She is also fantastic in the non-fic space, where she takes on an eclectic breadth of work with panache.

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