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Whitrock Creative Services is happy to offer live coaching sessions and tutoring services across multiple creative realms. Contact us to set up a one-time consult or recurring package!


Writing a Book

Reach Your Potential

Do you know you were born to write? But aren't sure how to begin, or maybe to get to the next level? Our writing coaches have gotten people to six-figure publishing deals because we know what works. We'll help you dive deep and brainstorm plot or character, or work on plot. You can also enter a mentorship, all of which begin with an in-depth, personalized evaluation of your strengths and areas for improvement, and targeted advice and exercises to get you to the next level over a series of live consults. Book today to turn your dream of becoming a professional writer into a reality!


Business Meeting

Take It Pro

So you've got your material and you're ready to go. But the publishing process seems impossible. With so much information floating around there,  filtering the great advice from the nonsense can seem impossible. That's where we come in. Book a session with us to go over traditional or self-publishing strategies, or book a mentorship to get support and advice and strategy throughout the entire query and submission or publishing process. We'd love to help you out.


Casual Meeting

Work On Your Presence

Have you got a conference coming up? A big meeting at work or with an agent? Maybe with another publishing professional? Let us help you work out some of the jitters with a practice live pitch session in front of one of the savviest professionals in the industry. We'll get you feedback and coaching so you know how to make yourself and your story stand out from the crowd.


Art Teacher and Student

Unleash Your Inner Artist

Want to learn from scratch? Or take your art to the next level? We've got experienced artists across a number of mediums, experienced in professional art and the classroom, ready to help you dive in and reach your maximum potential.


Doing Homework

Achieve Your Goals

At Whitrock Creative, we have multiple folks with experience in academia who would love to help you with any of your academic goals. We work with children up through adults across all subjects and will match you with the best professional to help you achieve all your goals.


One-On-One Tutoring

Score Higher, Dream Bigger

We've got several tutors here who are absolute pros at tutoring for testing, be that high-stakes testing or classroom-specific testing tips. With an impressive background in test scores and tutoring kids to outstanding scores and college achievement, we'd love to help you out.

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