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Whitrock Creative Services is thrilled to be able to provide both original writing of all kinds and assistance to writers.



Tell Your Story

This is the service Whitrock Creative was founded on. We have a stable of outstanding memoirists with a passion for helping tell you story, and being certain it's *yours*. Memoirs require empathy and a depth that many other pieces don't, and here, we understand that process intimately. We offer a space that will allow us to dive in together into the brightest and darkest places, and do it in a way that will feel authentic and real. Contact us to schedule and interview and get your story on the page.


Image by Aliis Sinisalu

Propel Your Brand

Sometimes, you've got an incredible idea--something to launch a business or spread a revolutionary new idea, or maybe to help promote your pup's Instagram! Whatever your ebook needs, we'd love to be the ones to help you get your unique idea to the page and are comfortable writing within nearly any space.


Writing on Computer

Build A Career

You've got an incredible idea. You're creative. But you don't have the time to sit down and write it yourself. Maybe you're brand new to publishing, or maybe you're a seasoned veteran in the self-publishing pace, but the demand in that world is impossible to keep up with. At Whitrock Creative, we have award-winning writers across the romance, erotica, and YA spaces along with horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and literary novels. We would love to help you with your short story or full series, and to do it with discretion.


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Make an Impression

Our writers are comfortable and experienced in many copywriting and blogging spaces, and we would love to write your product copy, landing page, e-mail funnel, or article. If you need something written for the web, we can make it happen.


Writing with Pen

Dive Into The Query Trenches

With many of us being traditionally published authors or working as publishing professionals, we know how daunting and tiring it can be to come up with materials that sparkle on your own. So we are here to do just that. Whether you'd like an editorial look or a full creation from scratch, we offer a package to suit what you need. And if you don't see it? Drop us a line. We'd love to make it happen.


A Young Woman Writing

Get Your Ideas Out There

A book proposal can be intimidating, but it's what's needed to get your nonfiction project in front of industry professionals. We know the ins and out of crafting a gorgeous proposal, and have sold pieces based on proposal to a number of large publishers in the industry. Throw a proposal into our hands, and we'll get you something stunning.


Taking Notes

Reach Your Potential

Do you know you were born to write? But aren't sure how to begin, or maybe to get to the next level? Our writing coaches have gotten people to six-figure publishing deals because we know what works. We'll help you dive deep and brainstorm plot or character, or work on plot. You can also enter a mentorship, all of which begin with an in-depth, personalized evaluation of your strengths and areas for improvement, and targeted advice and exercises to get you to the next level over a series of live consults. Book today to turn your dream of becoming a professional writer into a reality!


Business Meeting

Take It Pro

So you've got your material and you're ready to go. But the publishing process seems impossible. With so much information floating around there,  filtering the great advice from the nonsense can seem impossible. That's where we come in. Book a session with us to go over traditional or self-publishing strategies, or book a mentorship to get support and advice and strategy throughout the entire query and submission or publishing process. We'd love to help you out.


Staff Meeting

Work On Your Presence

Have you got a conference coming up? A big meeting at work or with an agent? Maybe with another publishing professional? Let us help you work out some of the jitters with a practice live pitch session in front of one of the savviest professionals in the industry. We'll get you feedback and coaching so you know how to make yourself and your story stand out from the crowd.

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