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Film and Theatre Writer

Jerrod D. Brito is a writer/director from Denver, Colorado. His most recent works include writing Jacala Productions' upcoming psychological thriller, "Adalynn," co-writing Blood Moon Pictures' upcoming film, "Devil's Knight: Volumes of Blood III," and writing/directing the recent short horror films, "Slices" and “Sleep Tight” (2019).

​Recent awards and nominations include a National Lampoon & Stage 32's Search for Comedy Writing Gold finalist, "The Left-Swipes” (2018), the 2015 MSNT Comedy Film Fest winner, "Spoiler Alert!" (writer/director; short film), "My Super Ex-Grudge" (writer/director, a short film; distributed by Full Moon Features in 2012), "Hormonal Activity" (writer/director, short film – 2nd place in the 2014 My Bloody Violent-Tine Film Festival/3rd place in the 2011 Video Contest), and "One New Message" (writer/director/producer, short film – Winner: Best Writing and Best actress, nominations for Best Picture and Best Director – 2014 Colorado Film School Fall Student Show).

In addition to shorts and features, Brito worked as a screenwriter and production intern for award-winning Television writer Meredith Miller-Post on her web series, "The Grass is Always Greener," and as a writer for a politically charged graphic novel about diversity called "The Pride Force." Brito also writes commissioned screenplays and stage plays for clients, including the Pandemic Collective theater company.

Past writing experience includes working as a copywriter for an L.A.-based boutique marketing firm, producing commercials, nightclub video advertising, corporate videos, and writing as a Content Coordinator in the Broadcasting industry.

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