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Whitrock Creative Services houses a stable of award-winning creatives in the film industry, encompassing screenplay writing and editing, directing, and cinematography. Work with us to create anything from a pitch or one pager for your screenplay to an adaptation for your novel to a full video production.

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Make an Impression

Pitching to film execs is a very specific process, and we know the ins and outs of crafting a pitch that both adheres to guidelines and gets noticed. Synthesizing your work into something short, sweet, and memorable can be daunting, but leave that to us. We'll get you something fabulous.


Get Noticed

For folks who need something a little more in-depth than a one-pager, talk to us about crafting your entire film treatment. We will work with you personally to be sure you and your project get the creative attention you need to craft a final treatment that will grab the attention your work deserves.


Make It Pop

You've got a great script ready to be made, but it needs something. We've got experienced screenwriters and script doctors who are working professionals in the industry and would love to have the chance to punch up your story and make it sparkle.

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Move From Page to Screen

Storytelling for the page and the screen are two very different processes, and at Whitrock Creative, we have experience in both. We've got experience adapting novels and short stories into features or television plots, and we would absolutely love to help work on yours.


Make It Happen

You've got a killer idea, but don't have the time to put pen to paper. We get it! We only have the time because, well, that's kind of our job. Hit us with your idea for a film or play, and we will take it from the ground floor to the finished product. You can walk away with something you can be proud of. We offer packages both for credited and uncredited work.


Create Something Memorable

Need a training video? Maybe a YouTube or Instagram promotion. Or maybe you want a film made, or a commercial shot. We've got access to top-of-the-line equipment and industry professionals who can bring your idea to life. Contact us to work out a custom package for whatever you might need in this space, from pure filming to casting, scripting, cinematography, and post.

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