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Head Of Film

Born in West Virginia, Aaron frequently moved as a kid. Between that and years working as a trucker, he has seen most of the United States. Aaron moved to Denver, Colorado, at nineteen to study screenwriting at Colorado Film School. He did well there, receiving awards at student shows including 'Best Writing' for a short co-written by Jerrod Brito. The next ten years were spent doing as much film work as possible. During that time, he acted or worked behind the scenes on a number of award winning shorts, crewed one Hollywood production, (The Lone Ranger) and a handful of other independent projects and features.

His short horror fiction has reached an audience of approximately a million people.

In 2020, Aaron Whitrock received multiple awards for his screenplay 'Please Breathe,' most notably the 2020 Script Summit Best Science Fiction award. He is now in pre-prod for 'The Hairy Ones,' co-written by Jerrod Brito. Aaron's screenplays often draw on his passion for history and mythology, and frequently explore spiritual and LGBTQ+ themes.

Aaron works both in film projects at Whitrock Creative and in ghostwriting, taking on general non-fiction, memoir, and fiction, especially in the sci-fi, horror, fantasy, literary, or children's spaces.

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